Monday, January 28, 2013

Synflex America, Liquid Glucosamine Provider, Helps Nonprofits

I like companies who give back. Consumers do too. eMarketer 53% of consumers said they purchase from companies who support social causes versus companies providing a similar product. 47% are more likely to order/shop more frequently at the monthly level.

Synflex America is one of those companies that gives back. They are known for being the original liquid glucosamine supplement provider.  JR Rogers, now Synflex CEO, suffered from arthritis pain in his back and neck from an accident for many years. He came across liquid glucosamine and began taking it himself because he was tired of taking pain pills that didn't solve the problem. Fast forward years later, fully recovered and arthritis pain free, he made liquid glucosamine available to the public as an aid to arthritis joint pain relief.

Now Synflex is going to the extra mile to help those who can't help themselves. Their charity program helps nonprofits of all kinds with a little extra cash. The program is setup like an affiliate program. Nonprofits register and install a banner on their website. Every purchase that comes through their site gets $6.50 per bottle donated to the organization. Checks are mailed every month. Nonprofit employees and supporters are encouraged to order.

Synflex is made available for humans as well animals. I personally give my dogs the Synfelx for Pets beef formula and have noticed a big difference. One bottle usually lasts 1 month for humans. It varies for pets depending on weight. To notice any results, it's best to use Synflex regularly, every day.

If used every day and ordered every month through your banner on your website, it's easy to accrue a sizable donation from Synflex every month. Learn more about the Synflex Charity program or email for more information.

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